Welcome to Cloverleaf Corriedale
Stud & farm

Ethically grown, single source, high quality

Corriedale sheep wool for spinners and weavers, 50 minutes from Melbourne. 

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About Cloverleaf

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The story of Cloverleaf Corriedale Stud is one of compassion, families, ethics, land and community.  And you.   

Welcome to Cloverleaf Corriedale Stud. The sheep are raised on a small property, 50 minutes from Melbourne city, Victoria, Australia. They graze with kangaroos and wombats on pastures unchanged from the late 1800's. 

The sheep are part of the farm family; they remain in family groups and come when called which helps to move them from paddock to paddock. They watch with interest the activities of the people they share the land with, are inquisitive and like a scratch. 

All this means the sheep are happy and content sheep with few stressors who produce quality wool.  

This story is also about you. When you buy Cloverleaf fleece, you know the choice you are making supports ethically grown, single source products that honors the animals, land and the communities that make this possible. 

Ronelle Welton.  

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Current products available - shearing in November 2017 completed!

Raw white sheep wool is offered from the sheep to you.  

My focus is to connect you with with the farm, the sheep, their personality, likes and dislikes.

UPDATE 27/3/18: 

Lustrous white fleece: only 15 kg left! 

 Colored (black) fleece: only 3kg remains! 

Semi-worsted 8 ply yarn will be available from May 2019. 

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Award winning fleeces!

The fleeces are assessed against international expectations with fleeces shown nationally and regionally.  Cloverleaf fleeces were awarded Highly Commended in the Australian National fleece competition in 2016 and 2017.